Hey there!

My name is Jason Williams and I am a full–time patio/deck contractor. I have been working as an independent professional for about 2 decades. I don’t remember how many homes I have built and repaired the patios/decks for. But I do recognize each one (even after many years) when I see it.

When I first began working as a handyman, World Wide Web was just limited to a fraction of the human population. I did not have the luxury of watching easy to follow Do-it-yourself videos on how to design/setup and repair patio/decks. So, I had to learn almost everything the traditional way.

I read a lot of manuals, worked with some experienced handyman service professionals and continued to execute one project after another. Few years later, when I first got a personal computer and an internet connection (mostly because I wanted to keep up with the technology to be able to help my little daughter with it), I got to know about blogging and all those wonderful people who were sharing useful information as text, pictures, illustrations and videos on the web.

Outdoor patios, pool decks, curved deck designs, patios on a budget, luxury decks and patios – I had a wealth of information and knowledge acquired through first-hand experience on the job that I wanted to share with everyone for free on the Internet.

But, I almost never had enough time for this.

Now, after almost a decade, I have finally managed to setup this website with the help of a friend. While I go about completing numerous patio/deck design, construction and repair tasks with some of my sub-ordinates every week, I also find time to jot an article or two! I am happy, really!

I hope you find my creations on this website useful.