Choice of flooring is the most critical of all decisions you need to make when building a patio for your home. There is no dearth of choices and we suggest your consider the various options carefully.

Listed below are some of the main types of patios that you may consider for your home.

1. Patio in Natural Stone

You will get a lot of choice in natural stone. It looks beautiful and offers great durability. Needless to mention, natural stone is expensive too!

You can make a choice from paving stone, cobbles or large flagstones. Each one of them gives a different effect.

Off late, setts are also becoming popular among homeowners; made of granite, the setts are very durable.

patio in natural stones

The main advantage of using natural stone is that patio will look really beautiful; no two pieces are similar. The patio will look prettier as the stones age; your patio will also need very little maintenance.

But like we said before, natural stone option is expensive, not easy to work with and some varieties like slate can get slippery when wet.

If you want to save money, buy natural stone directly from a quarry.

2. Reconstituted Stone Patio

The stone pieces obtained by breaking big slabs are sold in this category. They’re simply mixed with concrete and used in all kinds of shapes. You can use them in many ways.

In the market today, you can also find patio kits that have been made with these stones. Post installation, they create a unique pattern.

reconstituted stone patio

The greatest advantage of reconstituted stones is their price and the variety in colors and textures that they offer. And since most of them have a uniform texture there are lesser chances of them cracking. But if you pick the cheapest ones, they may fade and lose color with time.

3. Brick Patio

You should go for a brick patio if the area available for the patio is small; with bricks, the area will look bigger. Also, bricks look natural and can blend well with all kinds of house/ garden designs.

You can also choose them in a variety of colors and different kinds of finishes.

Go for exterior grade bricks as they can resist the climatic changes. The engineered bricks on the other hand are most durable and hard but tend to be a little slippery.

brick patio

The main advantage of picking brick for building a patio is that it creates a fine surface and is cheaper than stone. A brick patio can last out a lifetime and you can also make some nice patterns. However, a lot many bricks are to be used even for a small area, laying out all of them could take considerable time.

Keep in mind that brick patterns do not look very appealing if the surface area is too wide.

4. Concrete and Clay Patio Pavers

If you are looking for a versatile choice, go for clay or concrete patio covers. You will get a wide choice in sizes, textures and shapes too.

In the market today, you will find concrete pavers in buff finish and all shades of grey. They might not look warm but are a very practical and durable choice. You can also pick a design which gives the look of bricks and can be laid in a pattern. And they are much more affordable than bricks.

The biggest disadvantage of this category is that they discolor over time and need regular maintenance.

concrete and clay patio pavers