An outdoor deck totally enhances the look of your home. The benefits that that a well-constructed deck offers are countless. You would be able to read in the sun, hold late night dinners or just relax in peace. And since it adds real value to any property, it is import that you choose the right material for building one as an extension of your dwelling.

As a rule, always go for a material that you think you can maintain (and repair) in the long run. The following compilation, we hope, will help you make an informed decision:

1. Natural Wood

Natural wood is durable and it’s aesthetically pleasing too. But it looks the best when it is well maintained. A good quality timber deck is a sound investment for a very long time. You will need to seal and stain the timber at regular intervals to keep it looking good.

natural wood

2. Composite Decks

Composite decks are very popular amongst homeowners as they are totally environment friendly. They are resistant to changes in the weather, stains and are very light weight too. They are made of recycled plastic and wooden fiber. They do not splinter like natural wood and are very low on maintenance. All you need to do is wash it to keep it looking good.

composite decks

3. Synthetic or PVC decks

They are also known as wood plastic. They are the best alternative for homeowners who are looking for a deck that demands very little maintenance on a regular basis. They are resistant to scratches, stains and mildew too. And decks made from PVC are just perfect for homeowners who do a lot of entertaining, as they can take high traffic very easily.

Such decks are a very cost effective option and can be cleaned very easily. But they will not last you a lifetime and you might require replacement in a few years.

synthetic or pvc decks

4. Metallic Decks

Off late, metallic decks have been getting popular amongst homeowners. They are the ideal option for homes that are built close to the forests or natural vegetation, as metallic decks do not pose the risk of catching fire.

The metallic decks are completely weather resistant, affordable and need no maintenance at all. They come with just one big disadvantage – when they get wet they can become very slippery. Also, prolonged exposure to sun can turn the metal hot to the point of making it difficult to stand barefoot on a metallic deck.

5. Bamboo decks

If you like the natural look but are worried about maintenance and splinters, bamboo perhaps is most suitable deck material option for you. It looks like timber, comes in great lengths and requires very little maintenance. It is the most sustainable option for outdoor decks.

bamboo decks

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