In order to keep your dock looking as good as new, you need to put in some time and effort for regular maintenance. The ongoing maintenance will depend on the design of your deck, the materials it is made of and the overall construction design.

maintain deck

More than anything, when you plan a maintenance schedule, remember to use eco-friendly products. For instance, you can start with a non-toxic and phosphate free soap. You can also use a homemade cleaning solution – mix three parts of olive oil with one part of vinegar for cleaning the surface of a wooden deck. Or you try using equal parts of lemon juice with vinegar and salt to remove all traces of mildew.

We have for you today some easy tips to help you maintain your deck:

1. Avoid Pressure Washing for Quick Results

Unless and until you deck has not been cleaned for ages, you should avoid cleaning it with a pressure washer. A powerful water spray can easily cause the wood to splinter. If you are looking for power tools or other heavy equipment rental click the link.

avoid pressure washing for quick results

2. Seasonal Inspection Is a Must

Every season, you must check your deck for signs of corrosion, rotting and splintering.

If you think repair is due, do not postpone it for another time. Spare an hour or two over a weekend and get the job done.

Here’s a 36 minutes long video (if really want to get into the details of how to inspect your deck) that you can watch in your free time:

3. Make a Schedule for Maintenance

Deck maintenance cannot feature at the end of your list of repairs.

If you maintain it regularly, it will last longer and stay in top shape too.

4. Wood Does Not Last Forever

You might be under the wrong impression that since you got yourself a wooden deck, it will last you forever.

You might have got pressure treated lumber, and yes, it can resist decay and insects, but it can’t fight off the sun and the moisture. Even the best of wood will require regular maintenance.

wood does not last forever

5. Use a Deck Cleaner For Gray Decks

If your deck has begun to look old and dirty, it can be given a makeover with the right deck cleaner.

If you are not sure of what to do about it, call in the experts for a second opinion.

use deck cleaner for gray decks

6. Choose Between Non-Bleach and Bleach Formulas

Both these types of cleaners are capable of cleaning the surface and removing the ground in dirt from the deck. However, the bleach cleaners end up lightening the wood.

Non-bleach cleaners, on the other hand, only act on the grime and the dirt; they cause no damage to the wood fibers and their natural color. Such products are more eco-friendly and they will cause no harm to the vegetation in your garden.

In the video below, Steve tells how you can brighten your deck without using a bleaching agent.

7. Follow Instructions on the Label

Before you use a deck cleaner, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. Most companies test their products before launching them in the market, so follow their advice correctly.

Here’s Mark Clement from Wood Naturally giving a quick overview on how to clean your deck: