The patio rightly represents the way a homeowner likes to enjoy his time. It can be used for various activities like sunbathing, socializing, poolside activities and for relaxing. The design of your patio should match your lifestyle and complement your personality. After all, you are going to spend lot of quality time here.

1. A Sun Deck

A swimming pool with a sundeck patio is a value add-on to any property. The basic aim of such a patio is to offer plentiful opportunities to the family members to relax by the pool. You can chill, enjoy the sun and take a dip in the family pool. A well designed deck along the sides of the pool resembles a luxury resort. Add some fancy lounge chairs to the décor to make the place look more luxurious!

a sun deck

2. A Sun Deck with a Pool with In a Pool

This is yet another popular design for homeowners who essentially want a pool next to their patio. In the design, you can incorporate a shelf for tanning, which can be ideally located at the beginning of the pool.

The length of the shelf can be determined according to your taste.

a sun deck with a pool with in a pool

3. A Patio with a Bistro

This design is popular with homeowners who have a small backyard. You can give even the smallest of spaces a makeover by using such a patio design. Just be creative and design a place for everyday enjoyment and relaxation.

a patio with a bistro

4. A Patio with a Bistro and a Swimming Pool

This one is yet another great design of a small patio with a table for bistro. You can attach the bistro to the pool area or keep it independent by designing a small pathway in between.

a patio with a bistro and a swimming pool

5. Get Yourself a Cozy Fireplace

Patio with bistros go very well with pool areas and for all kinds of spaces. But even without a pool, a patio can be made really enchanting by fixing a fireplace in it. It makes the atmosphere intimate and a great place to spend warm summer nights.

get yourself a cozy fireplace

6. Make a Garden Of Oasis

If you are not keen on getting a common patio with pool and bistro design, garden-look patio will perhaps excite you. You can make the patio area resemble a garden and make it look really green with a plenty of plants and bushes. A well planned garden patio will look most welcoming and fresh at all times.

make a garden of oasis

7. A Patio with A Natural Pool and A Waterfall Too

If you install a waterfall with a natural pool in the design of your patio, this will become the central attraction of your dwelling. It will be one place where you forget all your worries and just relax. The falling of the water, the sound of the bubble and the cascading current will spread positive energy all around.

Needless to mention, this one will cost whole lot.

a patio with a natural pool and a waterfall too